Aurora… and thoughts on art and creativity

The past few weeks, I’ve been feeling this aching feeling. It’s much like growing pains. This is common for artists, but I think it’s especially common for me. Every time I feel like my work is getting better than it ever has been, all I need to do is simply wait a few weeks or months till I feel the exact opposite. Ultimately, it forces me to change things up and push myself in new directions, which is good. But being in the middle of that down-on-yourself phase is rough.

I use this as a preface to the shoot I’m posting now because it’s been this feeling that is a big reason why I’ve begun to go back to shooting more film. Up till now, the past couple years have been about shooting more digital, often out of necessity. Necessity and limitations can be great at challenging artists to create great work from within those confines. Some of the greatest artists of all time in any medium have done this. But when it comes to being able to make artistic choices based off of what truly connects with us on a deeper level, this must be the artist’s choice whenever possible. And for me, that’s shooting film. Ironically, film has it’s own set of limitations. But I’ve found that my extended vacation in the land of digital has given some different perspective, and I’m hoping it leads me out of the creative muck I’m feeling lately.

Anyways, here are some photos from a recent shoot with Aurora, who I’ve been wanting to shoot with for months, but timing never worked out. 95% of the photos here are shot on 35mm film, either Kodak Portra 400 (all the indoor shots) or Cinestill 50D (all the outdoor shots).

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