Abigail - pt. 1

This shoot concept originally came to be after Happy Socks got in touch with me about using a product of theirs. I envisioned one particular shot, a close up of a model wearing a pair of their underwear. After I got the one shot I needed, the rest is what happens when I roll with things. I find this is how a majority of my shoots end up going - loose planning and conceptualizing to allow for in-the-moment inspiration to take hold.

Part 2 of this shoot will come later. We changed locations and it has a little different feel, so I figured might as well break them up.

Model: Abigail VanSteenberghe (Option Models)

Killing Time - with Rachel Williams

Recently I was in Las Vegas to speak at the Mastin Labs booth for WPPI. While there, I took the chance to work with Rachel, a model who I had been wanting to work with for a while now. I decided to shoot with her in my hotel room. I wanted to experiment with an entirely different kind of style and lighting than I normally shoot in, using only the lamps in the room for lighting. This was also a chance to try using some Cinestill 800T tungsten balanced 35mm film mixed in with some Mastin Labs digital (and a couple shots with my Pentax 67).

Using Format